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Text ruler list

The text ruler list (new from SL2002 onwards) brings an overview and clarity to your documents. With it you can see at a glance how many text rulers are used in a document.

Naturally you can work with so-called free text rulers as before, without using the text ruler list at all.

However, for this you have to specify first that text rulers may be internally created. To do this call up the Edit text ruler list function that is decribed further below. After this save your Calamus.SET file.

If you are familiar already with text style lists and free text styles, the following comparison of free text styles and free text rulers may help you to get a feeling for working with them, as the text ruler operation mimicks that of the text style one quite closely.

Procedure for creation of a free style/ruler:


  • Read out (pick) the style parameters by placing the cursor or marking a block and selecting one of the Check text style icons.
  • Alter the parameters in one of the Text style function groups.
  • Assign a style by clicking on one of the icons using the Change text style help text (possibly a query appears asking whether the whole text or only the block is to be altered).
  • Doing this creates a new free text style.


  • Read out (pick) the ruler parameters by selecting a ruler in the layout.
  • Alter the parameter in the Text rulers function group of the Text module.
  • Insert the ruler at the cursor position by clicking on the Insert text ruler icon.
  • During this a new free text ruler will be created.

The following applies to both cases: The same ruler/style will be inserted/assigned only if the parameters of the ruler/style match those of the picked ruler/style. If this is not the case, a new ruler/free style will be created.

That wasn't too hard, was it?

The use of the text ruler list is very simple and will be described in detail below.

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