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Reverse path direction

As already mentioned above, all paths also have a direction. The start of the path will be shown as a small filled square, with all other points filled with white and so appearing hollow. Path directions have a decisive effect on the fill function when two paths cross each other. Please read the introduction to the Vector graphic module again about this.

To alter the direction of a path so as to cut holes in other objects, simply click on this icon. This reverses the order of the points in the path. The old last point of the path will now appear filled with black and so forms the new start of the path.

Tip: You can also use this function if you want to insert additional points before the start of a path. Just reverse the path direction, select the (now) last point of the path and then set the new points. After this you can reverse the path direction once more and you have extended that path at the front.

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HomePath mode function groupAdd path point(s)Close and round-off path