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Add path point(s)

With this function you can create new path points. Clicking on the icon makes the cursor take on the shape of a hammer. Depending on which of the two icons Insert line or Insert Bézier curve is selected, the new point hammered in will be connected to the last point in the path with a straight line or a Bézier curve. Remember that Bézier curves also look like straight lines at first because both the control points will lie exactly in the middle between the old and new path points. However you will see small crosses that can be positioned with the Select/Move path point function described above so that a true curve is formed.

When this icon is selected, the current path will continue to be lengthened until the right mouse button is pressed. After this you can left-click to create a new path, or right-click to change to the Select/Move path point mode.

You can also insert points between two other points of a path. To do this, click on a path point while holding down a [Shift] key. A new path point will be set between the last point selected and the next point in the path, which you can then position as described above. Here too the right mouse button retains its function: The first click terminates the process, the second click switches to the Select/Move path point function.

To insert further points before the first one on the path you have to first reverse the path direction. For this you use the following function:

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HomePath mode function groupDelete path point(s)Reverse path direction