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Define separator text

So that a separation of blocks is possible, you can choose whether a separator text should be included when moving and copying them. This text, which is specified with the Define separator text function, can be of any length. If copying or moving multiple blocks, then after copying or moving a block the separator text will be copied to the end of each one, as long as a further block is present. The next block will be copied after the separator text. So if you define a comma as a separator text, for instance, then all blocks will be copied to the destination position separated by a comma.

Thus if the text has the words Milk, chocolate, cash marked as blocks and the separator text is a comma followed by a space character, then the resultant block will look as follows:

Milk, chocolate, cash

To understand the use of a separator text better, take the following text (where the bold portions represent marked blocks):

Hello, I am Eddie, your new text editor, and I can hardly wait to get hold of new texts.

If these blocks are copied with the separator text super , the resultant portion will look as follows:

Eddie, super our super text editor

Warning: Only if the Use separator text icon (see above) is selected when copying or moving multiple blocks simultaneously will the separator text be inserted between individual blocks. The same icon is also present in the header line of the separator text window.

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