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Eddie's Search and replace functions are a very powerful tool for editing texts. Besides simple operations such as exchanging words or portions of sentences, with appropriate settings it is also possible to recognise and remodel whole text structures. With suitable Seach/Replace setups the editor can be turned into a tool for refining raw text or a converter for other text formats.

Search & replace is controlled by a dialog which lies in a window for pragmatic reasons. That was the only way that permitted searching and replacing text passages of any length, which in the full Eddie version may also contain all control codes supported by Calamus. This window is opened by clicking on the magnifier icon, either in the Block functions/Tools function area or in the header line of any Eddie text window.

At first sight the number of functions offered may appear a little overwhelming. But don't let it scare you! Using it is not nearly as complicated as it may seem at first.

First of all an overview of the individual operating elements and parts of the window: At the very top there is a title bar and a header line that you will be familiar with from normal text windows. The buttons for taking over text and for opening the Search & replace window are missing, since they make no sense here.

Below the header lies the portion of the dialog with a row of icons, checkboxes and buttons. Right at the bottom there are three input fields separated by labelled bars (only two in Eddie lite). These contain the text to be searched for, its replacement, as well as (in the full Eddie version) comments for both. The comments field is ignored by Eddie entirely and only serves for documentation purposes. All three texts may be of any length and may contain all control codes. In practice you can use all functions here that are permitted in normal text windows. The search and replace lines too allow you to work with text blocks as well as to exchange data via the clipboard.

The buttons and switches in the main dialog area may be divided roughly into the following categories:


Eddie (full version!) offers the possibility of applying any number of search & replace operations simultaneously to a text. Functions for managing a Search/replace list are available for this purpose.

These are the operating elements that can be used to affect the behaviour of the search & replace function.

These icons serve for triggering the actual search & replace operation.

The following paragraphs introduce the multitude of possibilities offered by this tool step by step. Read through the individual points in order. We suggest you try out your newly acquired knowledge on the screen as you go.

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HomeBlock functions/ToolsDefine separator textSearch & replace of simple text