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Only in the full version of Eddie:

Eddie handles any number of search and replace texts for each document. These settings will be saved with that document and so are always easily available again. When you click on the name of the current search/replace setup a dialog box appears that lists all the search and replace texts belonging to the document currently being worked on.

Here you can create new texts (New) and delete old ones (Delete). The names of the listed texts can be altered by selecting an entry in the list and then altering the name in the editable field in the usual way. In front of the name entry for each text there is a checkbox in which the status of each entry is displayed, and this can be altered by clicking on it. If this field is crossed then that search/replace text is active, i.e. it will be one of those used for all actions in Multi mode. With the arrow keys below the list you can alter the order of the entries, where the selected entry will be swapped with the one above or below it.

When the Multi mode is switched off then only the search/replace setup that is visible in the search & replace window will be executed. With the arrow fields behind this name field you can scroll through the list of search and replace texts without having to call up the dialog box shown above.

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