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FrankLIN is a control curve editor module that replaces the built-in Calamus SL control curve editor and offers you a user friendly interface as well as a number of new functions.

If you would like to work with FrankLIN, you first have to load the FRANKLIN.CXM module with the External modules menu entry of the File menu. As a rule it pays to make it available permanently with Save system settings in the Options menu once it has been loaded. After that, you only have to select a filled raster graphics frame and click on the Set control curve icon in the Special functions function group of the Frame editing module. FrankLIN then opens its main dialog box:

Apart from its drawing functions, FrankLIN is fully macro recorder-capable. This applies also to the UNDO function and popups, because in addition to selecting with the mouse they can also be operated from the keyboard:

CURSOR UP/DOWN Select entry
ENTER/RETURN Select entry, close popup
UNDO Leave popup without executing function

The current version number of FrankLIN will only be displayed at present when the Execute button in the module selector box is activated, either while loading the module or later when opening it with External modules of the File menu with the name FrankLIN selected. The information box for the FrankLIN module will appear.

You can choose the colour(s) for which the control curve data should be displayed and edited – see below. FrankLIN differentiates between control curves you can view and those you can edit. Those selected for viewing are visible but can not be altered. Those selected for editing become visible and may be altered with the tools described below.

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