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Printing with high-res data

The Print dialog has supported the High-Resolution Data Manager since Calamus SL99, offering additional print functions. You can print documents which have rolled-out high-res data, or process films for offset print, without having to roll in these images yourself manually. When the relevant checkbox is activated, the print engine automatically rolls in all required images for the current page, and rolls them out again as soon as possible. Thus the memory requirements shrink dramatically when you print documents with multiple pages. You can even use virtual RAM if the memory still won't hold the images of a single page.

A welcome side effect is more space for the print output buffer, which decreases the number of print parts, increasing the output speed.

The Print dialog offers an important checkbox for the High-Resolution Data Manager:

The tiny checkbox in front of the button Fine data controls whether high-res data will be used or not when printing. If it is unchecked, the current state of the document will be printed – which might make sense e.g. for layout proof copies.

In general, the print process in Calamus SL offers two options (not only as far as High-Resolution Data Manager is concerned): you can print in the usual way, seeing the familiar status protocol dialogs, or you can print quietly, without any output, which is only available in multitasking platforms. When you click the button Background print instead of Print, you can switch to other applications while the pages are being processed. If your platform offers enough RAM, you can even start another instance of Calamus and edit another document at the same time. This can be quite interesting e.g. when you output pages to the hard drive using the TIFF printer driver, which doesn't need much control at all.

When the output is done, the Print dialog reappears and informs you that it is done.

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