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The module

The High-Resolution Data Manager manages documents which use rolled-out high-res data that are stored in external files. It supports all image types which can be used in a document.

The rolled-out high-res data can be spread over various folders or partitions automatically to use the hard drives' capacities in the best possible manner.

Special functions are available to manage the rolled-out high-res data.

Tip: When you have loaded the optional drivers Tiffie or PSD Import PRO, the High-Resolution Data Manager can delegate the management of TIFF or PSD images to these drivers. The advantage is e.g. that you can keep the image high-res data on a CD, and the High-Resolution Data Manager does not have to roll them out again. The two mentioned drivers create the relevant low-res data on their own and reload the high-res data at any time themselves, when required.

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