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TIFFIE – the intelligent picture tool

Where does the name Tiffie come from?

TIFFIE comes from TIFF Import/Export.

Tiffie is first and foremost an image data import driver, of course: It imports not just TIFF images in various colour depths and resolutions, but also supports various compression methods. In addition it can export any raster graphics images from Calamus as LZW-packed TIFF data without problems.

For any additinal layers or channels that may be present in the TIFF (for instance masks or clipping paths), separate image frames are created on the document page which can be used further immediately. If you wish, Tiffie even masks the imported image automatically.

But the chief attraction is its tie-up with the Fine data manager: Through Tiffie the Fine data manager automatically has access to the original compressed TIFF files as part of the fine data store without having to create separate lay-off or holding files. In this way your documents remain nice and small – even if they contain hundreds of images!

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