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Search and replace options

Here we will deal with the switchable checkbox and button options.

In blocks only
When active, searching and replacing will only take place in those portions of the main text that were marked as blocks before the beginning of the action.
Mark text
When active, found or replaced text portions will be marked as blocks. If there are overlaps with block areas that are already present, then the marking at the affected places will be inverted (in the same way as if you had dragged out the block while holding down the [Shift] key).
(IGNORE: Characters)

Only in the full version of Eddie:

This button opens a dialog box in which you can determine which characters in the main text are to be ignored during searches. This is a great advantage specially with the optional line-break hyphenation markings. In this way you can search for any words, for instance, without having to pay regard to whether they contain hyphenation control-codes or not.
The search-text Representation matches all these portions (as long as the hyphenation characters are set to be ignored!):
Repre|sentation Representation Re|pre|sen|ta|tion etc.
The characters however will not be ignored if they appear in the search-text itself. Therefore the search-text Repre|sentation, which contains one hyphenation character, only matches:
Repre|sentation Repre|sen|ta|tion etc.
but not
Represen|tation or Represen|ta|tion.
Warning: If the characters to be ignored are also to be allowed to appear in jokers, then these have to be marked as valid characters for the relevant joker.
UPPER CASE = lower case
If active, no regard will be paid to case. So for instance the search-text tomorrow would match Tomorrow as well as tomorrow, TOMORROW, tomorROW etc.
(In control codes too)

Only in the full version of Eddie:
The search will be extended to the visible part of the control codes, i.e. those components that are also represented with their own characters in the layout. In detail these are:
  • Page number
  • Following page number
  • Chapter number
  • Text piping from page...
  • Text piping to page...
  • Date
  • Time
(In replaced text too)

Only in the full version of Eddie:
After a replacement Eddie normally continues the search for further matching text passages that occur after the replaced text. With this option switched on, searches are made recursively in the replacement text as well. Specially when working using several search & replace rules simultaneously you can realise very complex applications in this way. This option will be discused in detail later.
(Skip after replacement)

Only in the full version of Eddie:
If this switch is set (crossed), then a text portion in which a replacement has taken place will be skipped over afterwards.

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