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Only in the full version of Eddie:

A specialty of Eddie is the possibility to let loose any number of search/replace configurations (rules) simultaneously on a text. Only with the aid of this mechanism can one define complex tools that undertake a complete refining of a raw text at one go, or perform other, quite individual tasks.

Eddie always handles a list of search/replace rules with their associated options, a so-called search/replace setup. One rule of the setup is displayed near the top of the window at a time, and may be edited. If the Multi button is switched off then Eddie will work with this rule only, but if you activate Multi then Eddie will obey all defined rules simultaneously.

The options Mark text and In blocks only are set globally and do not change when a new setup is loaded or when changing to another search/replace rule. All other options can be configured separately for each rule.

The name of the current search/replace rule is shown near the top of the window. This name only serves for documentation purposes and has no effect on the actual operation. At the right of the name field there are arrows for scrolling through the list. A click on the name line opens a dialog box in which you may create new rules or delete or resort existing ones. The small box at the left of the name permits selection and deselection of search/replace rules. Deselected settings will not be made use of in the search/replace process. In this way it is possible to use only some of the loaded search/replace text simultaneously.

Furthermore there are also two icons for the loading and saving of search/replace setups. During loading Eddie gives you the choice of adding items to the setup already present, or of replacing it.

The search process
During searching Eddie proceeds to find the first text passage that matches any of the selected search-texts. For this the list is worked through from top to bottom. If none of the search-texts matches, Eddie advances one character in the main text and starts with the comparison from the top of the list once more.
If a matching text passage is found, then the following occurs:
  • Any replacement that may be required is performed.
  • If so set, the text will be marked as a block.
  • Searching will be continued. The position from which this occurs depends on the In replaced text too switch setting of each individual search/replace rule. The following applies:
    The search-texts of all rules for which this option has not been activated will be matched at the earliest after any found or replaced text.
    For the rules working with In replaced text too active, things look a little different: If only searching (not replacing) took place, then the search simply continues. This makes it possible for two found text passages to overlap each other. Thus for instance the first rule could find a part of the text with several words. The search-text of a second rule that has the In replaced text too option active later finds the spaces between these words. With In replaced text too switched off, after the first match Eddie would continue the search directly after the first passage found.
    After replace operations the whole text just replaced will be searched through anew by all rules that have In replaced text too recursion switched on. Now a different search-text may provide a match, which may again trigger a repeat of the process via replacement with recursion switched on. Due to this behaviour you can define various search/replace rules that interlock as they work their way through the text. The text will be reconstructed by one rule and passed on to the next for further changes.
Recursive replacement may take an infinite time with inappropriate search and replace texts, namely in cases when the search-text is present completely in the replacement text. This is not all that serious, because you can break off the action at any time. If Eddie finds that while working through the text it remains in the same place, then a blinking question-mark appears in the small progress bar dialog. In complicated setups with many recursive rules this indicator may appear, usually sporadically, and vanish again after a short time.
Multi search/replace in combination with crafty joker characters offers a broad field of applications, which permits all kinds of additional functions to be defined and stored. In this way the editor can be extended by many functions.

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