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The second command group contains the functions for loading and saving the module settings. So that you can check the settings directly, you can select each tool here and call up its parameter setting dialog. Selecting a tool in this group makes it the new active tool. You should use this means of selecting tools if you want to put tool switching onto a key to avoid the "flickering" of the tool selection menu.

The limited number of basic tools does not mean that you have only six tools available. Quite the opposite, for the wide range of parameter adjustment available means that many different tools are possible.

It's necessary to understand the basic characteristics of the tools. These characteristics determine what the tool actually does.

With the Paint module's basic tools then, very many drawing implements can be simulated. Included with the Paint module is a file with some basic settings already implemented, but you are free to change and extend these as required. This chapter explains the basic characteristics of the tools, illustrated with the help of some short examples. You'll go on to discover many more combination options when working with the module yourself.

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