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Frame editing



This module contains functions for creating and editing (modifying) frames. Depending on the frame type there are various Special functions available.

The Frame editing module is organized into several function groups, though not all of these can be selected directly. This is because some of these function groups are Special functions that are always defined for only one given type of frame (text, raster graphics, vector graphics or tiling frames). That is why these special function groups are only selectable if the appropriate frame type is selected in the Tools function group.

During the development of Calamus SL98 we placed special emphasis on optimizing frame handling. For this reason the frame editor was extended considerably once more. Besides additional mouse cursor shapes that make it easier to recognize the current Frame editing mode, switching between the various Sizing modes was simplified. While sizing a frame, you can now use the [Shift] key to switch on or off Proportional mode and the [Alternate] key to Size from centre mode. When you release the relevant key you will be returned to the original mode.

Here is an overview of the mouse cursor shapes:

The second novelty is that it is possible to move several frames at the same time. To do this just select all frames that you want to move and grab one of them while holding down the mouse button. All selected frames will be moved simultaneously when you move the mouse. If you want to alter the position of only one frame while several are selected, hold down the [Control] key while moving and you can move the frame whose position is to be corrected on its own.

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