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Calamus is one of the few programs that actually realizes the often quoted WYSIWYG principle (What You See Is What You Get). This is due to the fact, amongst others, that text frames as well as raster area and vector graphics at any desired magnification are calculated with reference to the resolution of the output device. This applies to the monitor screen as well, of course. Although today's computers have fast CPUs (Central Processing Units), without whose performance such calculations would not be possible at all, these are working at full capacity as a rule. Therefore it may well be that the redrawing of a page takes two or three seconds.

So as not to hinder your work flow, Calamus offers you the option to switch off individually the screen display for each type of frame (and some other elements). You will then only see the outline of the frame (and you can even switch that off) with the contents so-to-speak invisible. When you try to print a document that contains invisible frames, Calamus asks whether you wish to print all frames or only those that are visible.

In addition this function group offers a switch to set the mouse cursor to crosshair shape in the document window, which is particularly useful when working with the page measurement rulers (see below) to be able to judge the position of the mouse cursor precisely.

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