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Set frame parameters

Calamus frames may be rotated and mirrored. With it you can write mirror-reversed, upside down or rotated by, say, 42.42 degrees. There is a small restriction for the latter: While text frames can be rotated in 1/100 degree increments (giving a total of 360,000 possible orientations), without the aid of other modules raster graphics can only be rotated in 90 degree increments. This is because rotating raster images results in the familiar ugly effects like rounding problems and Moiré patterns. The same limitation applies to hatched raster areas, because the hatching has to be rotated with the frame as well. But you can mirror all frames both vertically and horizontally. In addition you can determine the appearance of frames where they overlap each other.

Tip: If you want to rotate raster graphics in other increments than 90 degrees, please use the Rotate images module (ROTATE.CXM). An alternative is available with the Rotate filter from the Filter module (optional extra) which works appreciably faster than the Rotate images module.

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