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Thank you for chosing the additional Calamus module Personalizer + Numbering Machines. Good choice!

Please allow that we call the module in this manual simply PersoNum from this point.

PersoNum allows you to personalize and/or enumerate any Calamus document on output. Using prepared data records, you can comfortably create e.g. form letters, tickets, vouchers and more. Form letters here means everything you can imagine to be printed personalized, e.g. labels, address labels, data lists, business cards, and of course also real letters. If you like to, you can even print whole magazines personalized, so that your readers get a private copy and can even be addressed on page 42 personally.

Of course you can also personalize other print products when you do not basically think of personal data like addresses and phone numbers, but even any other individual data. From now on, you can create your price tags, bundle labels, pack signs, catalog front pages with individual recipient address and much more, convenient and efficient. Your Calamus documents only require simple changes to text frames, so that they can be used as containers for individual data in addition to the basic layout – just personalized documents.

The concept behind PersoNum is easy, so it will not be difficult for you to use it. You can add keywords to any text frames on the document pages of your document which will then be recognized by PersoNum and be replaced by data that you have prepared in an according file. The keywords can be used multiple times in the document, of course.

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