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Master page editing

The meaning and use of master pages has already been discussed in the introduction to this module. With this function group you assign, show, create, edit, copy and delete master pages. When you select this function group, Calamus does not switch automatically to the Master page editing mode. You can only call up this mode by clicking on the Master page/Layout page icon in the Coordinate display part of the Top row; this will also display the master page for the current document page. You can then edit the master pages in place of normal document pages.

In this mode, which you call up with the Master page/Layout page icon in the Coordinate display, you can create and edit the master pages of a document. Just as in the normal layout page editing mode you can create, edit (alter) and delete frames. You can link text frames (piping) and position guidelines. Master pages always consist of one single or double page. You can nevertheless browse through them by using the sideways arrows in the Coordinate bar. Master pages have no real page number, but names. The name of the master page currently being edited is displayed at the top edge of the layout window.

You cannot link text frames for piping outside the master pages. Text frames that are present on a master page will have exactly the same contents on all document pages that are assigned to this master page. It is not possible to accomodate empty text frames that are to be filled later on the master page. Despite this, there are uses for large, already filled text frames on master pages – circular letters, for instance: You write the body of the letter on the master page, then addresses are imported into empty text frames on the document pages.

In the master page editing mode, as in the layout page editing mode, the complete printed page will be displayed, so the margins of the screen window (see Page mounting, function Set layout/working area) will be respected in the same way.

If you switch from the dispay of a complete document page to the master page editing mode, then the display scale (magnification) will be retained.

You can recognize the master page editing mode by the inverse (selected) state of the Master page/Layout page icon in the Coordinate display. Only by clicking on this icon can you switch back to normal layout page editing.

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