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Layer editing

Layer editing offers immense possibilities for creating documents in a structured manner. This gives you the greatest amount of freedom to work with layers and layer groups.

To explain the principle of working with layers, imagine you are sitting at a light box to build up a page from several superimposed transparent foils. You can stick images, text and graphics to the individual foils. You can change the order of the individual foils, so that at times the images are right at the top, but on other pages perhaps right at the bottom. One page may be made up from a single foil, another from perhaps 20 foils.

In general the following applies:

So if you do not wish to work with layers at all, you don't have to. A new document automatically has one layer per page and without your assistnace this will not change.

However, if you want to structure your documents so that you can use several layers in turn on all pages, you should read this section carefully.

Because the following applies as well:

The layer tools are described in detail below.

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