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... On the Atari Falcon

20 DM for Bombadil – why?

32,000 colours not possible?

Acceptance of EPS data no longer works.
Are printer drivers available at all for current printers?
Are printer drivers for Calamus S still available?
Are there current manuals?
Are there still printer drivers for Calamus 1.09(N) available?

Black menu bar?
Blend module
Bug reports

Calamus 1.09(N)
Calamus MM
Calamus S
Calamus under (!MM) won't start: Insuffient memory.
Calamus95 for Windows
Calipso Lite
Can Calamus SL read WinWord files?
Can CFN fonts continue to be used?
Can I load SL98 documents in Windows-Calamus?
Can one not set the desktop colours in 256-colour mode?
Can one reach the Calamus developers directly?
Colour dialog looks wrong
Coordinates display

Do other Windows programs continue to run when Calamus SL
Do you supply Greek or Cyrillic fonts?
Does a WMF importer exist for Calamus SL?
Does Calamus run under Linux or Mac OS?
During starting I always get: Error 21. Why?

Emulator also in the full version?
Error 35, then finis. Why?
Error messages

File types
Full version faster than the demos?
Function panel


How can I alter the Atari system font under Windows?
How can I read the Calamus Help-text?
How can I start CDK files with a double-click?
How can I use auto-folder programs and accessories?
How do I access the master page?
How do I copy the function panel?
How do I get rid of those numeric fields?
How does the Calamus right-click work with the single button
How is printing under Windows possible?
How many sales of Calamus SL were there?

I cannot see any guidelines
Imagesetting bureaux for Calamus extended?
Installation error during data transfer: %d-2. Why?
Installation errors
invers Software Vertrieb
Is a b/w print option for colour printers possible?
Is a Windows version without an emulator planned?
Is there a cheaper Calamus version?
Is there an alternative to the BLEND module?

Menu: Calamus
Menu: File
Menu: Options
Menu: Window
MGI Software Corp.
Modules from PC-Calamus usable under SL?
Mouse clicks are no longer recognised correctly?

No long filenames?
No memory left for printing – with 64 MB RAM?
Numeric entries by a ghostly hand

Old Modules

Page Module
Permanent key-clicks with Afterburner?
PostScript output still error-prone?

Rastergenerator PLUS

SL WindowsPack
SL99 TOSPack / MacPack

Text module
Text ruler settings have not been accepted?
The Find & Replace window cannot be opened.
The font directory takes a long time to open. Why?
Tile windows?
TTF loading takes a long time. Why?

Upgrade questions

What are all these many folders with M?
What are the equivalents on my Windows keyboard for the keys
What do the different file extenders in Calamus mean?
What does the Document doctor to during loading?
What gives with these DEFAULT files?
What is the difference between Calipso and Calipso lite?
What is the purpose of the Empty caches entry?
What type of fonts can Calamus load?
What's happened to Calamus MM?
Where can I get Calamus lessons?
Where is the EasterEgg in Calamus SL2000?
Where is the new Windows universal printer driver?
Which Calamus fonts have the Euro character?
Which emulator actually runs in the WindowsPack?
Who can imageset my Calamus documents?
Why can't Calamus write in WORD format?
Why can't I use a 3D-look?
Why do CFN fonts load slower that TTF fonts?
Why do I keep getting the old import-driver selection box?
Why do old documents have a grid raster ruler?
Why does Calamus just crash with certain fonts?
Why does Calamus not display its desktop after launching?
Why does the Calamus parameters dialog always appear on starting?
Why does the Navigator block the keys [Alt][1/2/3]?
Why does the RTF-Importer throw 2 bombs?
Why is the screen display in colour not better?
Why is there a blinking blue dot in the SL 99 Info dialog?
WMF import

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